What To Do When You Find Your Child Has ADHD?

Posted on October 12, 2010


Now after following up on your suspicions of your child’s unusual behaviors, and you do in fact discover that he or she is diagnosed with ADHD from your doctor, now what do you do? First off, DON’T PANIC. Don’t freak out or think that your child’s success of overcoming this is over. Many people  have suffered from ADHD and yet still have become greatly successful such as Tom Cruise, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, and more, according to Kelley Lang, in her parental coping article.

Also know that nowadays, ADHD is a very common disorder in young children and you will probably find yourself meeting a lot of other parents dealing with the same issues you are, so just know that you are NOT alone. I know that people just automatically assume that life is going  to be terribly more difficult, but it is best that you try and live your life as normally as possibly. The second thing you should do is do some research and learn the who, what, and how’s about ADHD. For example, did you know that ADHD is  believed to be caused by the lacking of making enough chemicals in key parts of the brain in which are used to organize their thought and processing? According to FamilyDoctor.org, not having enough of  these chemicals, causes your brain to not work as well as others, which explains the symptoms that occur in children who do have the disorder.

In order to cope with a child who has ADHD you must understand and be aware of their behavior at all times. So make sure that you follow up with their teachers and caretakers on how misbehaved or well behaved they were, because they are the ones who usually notice the child’s poor social skills or their focus ability. This allows you to take further action in discipline and talking with them about their listening skills, and also if they were good this allows you to reward them for their achievements. For example, with certain kids at my job in the daycare, we always make sure to report to the parents of kids who have misbehaved and explain any situations that may have occurred while they were gone.

There are many different types of treatment in dealing with children with ADHD, such as behavioral therapy, medication, brain exercises, etc. but how do you know which to try or which one works the best? This I will discuss in my next blog comparing the different treatments and their effectiveness.

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